Luna 9 >Luna {Corgi Cross}   Adopted!

Luna is one of the cutest little dogs you’ll ever meet.  If she doesn’t melt your heart in 5 minutes or less, you don’t have one.  She is sooo friendly, but not in an obnoxious, in your face kind of way.  She wags her little nub of a tail as fast as it will go, puts her ears back and comes over for some love. If you sit on the floor, she’ll be in your lap before you can even say her name.  Luna was owner surrendered because she didn’t make a good “cow” dog but we think she’ll make a GREAT house dog.

Luna >Luna {Corgi Cross}   Adopted!

She sleeps in a crate at night and doesn’t make a peep.  She will follow you from room to room and just wants you to be in sight. She is not a particularly confident little dog and is a little timid in new places. She is easily overwhelmed by other dogs but after she has met them a few times, she tolerates their presence but has yet to play with them. Luna adores cats and her little nubbin wags as fast as it can when she sees one. She play bows and tries to lick them (much to the cats’ horror). 

We believe she was mainly an outdoor dog so we don’t believe she is housetrained so that will be worked on and we suspect she’ll catch on quickly. Luna doesn’t appear to have been on a leash much but will happily trot beside you and with a little practice, she’ll be a great dog to walk. 

Luna 10 >Luna {Corgi Cross}   Adopted!

She appears to be mostly Corgi with maybe a little Jack Russell thrown in and we’ve been told she is around 3 years old. She is short like a corgi (13″ maybe) and has a short little crooked tail. Her ears do prick up but are often laying flat on her head. She is an interesting smokey blue/brown color with patches of white. 

Luna 2 >Luna {Corgi Cross}   Adopted!

We don’t think she will be a very active dog- a couple walks a day would be sufficient exercise for her. As of yet she’s shown little interest in toys but will take a few steps in the direction of a ball when it is thrown.  The instinct is there, she probably just hasn’t had a lot of toys in her life yet. 

Luna >Luna {Corgi Cross}   Adopted!
  For more information on Luna, please contact the Windy City Canine Rescue at info@windycityrescue.com or by calling 403-359-3139.

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