We have some amazing people helping us at Windy City Rescue and I was reminded of that today. Organizing foster homes and their dogs is very time consuming and can be somewhat stressful – today was no exception. Technically I’m supposed to be on holidays, but I found myself running around doing non-rescue errands, getting attacked by two cats, visiting the walk in clinic, getting irrigated, vaccinated, having a rabies scare, and picking up antibiotics…..but I digress. Near the end of the day I was in the area and decided to help out another volunteer by driving little miss Lola back to her foster home. Tired and sore, and after blocking the ER doctor in his own driveway on his way to the hospital, I’m sure he was impressed, I carried the little pug cross to the house and was greeted by her young human foster sister Lauren. She told me she had something for me. This is what she gave me, isn’t it awesome!

 >Our Amazing Foster HomesThis is a sculpture of our very own pug/minpin cross Lola, with her name and her leash!

 >Our Amazing Foster HomesThe bottom picture is a bit hard to read from my horrible photography skills, but it says “To:Windy City Rescue
age:9 From Lauren”
And it reminded me how lucky I am to be able to do what I do. Without our foster homes we couldn’t help these dogs find a better life. Not only are they giving the dogs their time, they are opening their homes and hearts. I think it’s a great experience for children to see that pets are not disposable and when some people treat them as such, someone has to step up. They learn compassion, forgiveness and letting go.
So thank you so much Lauren for turning a terrible day into an amazing one that I will never forget!
And now I will enjoy my holidays!

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