Kaity+3 >Kaity (Happy Ending)

Kaity has settled in great! Everyday we see a little more of her personality shine through! We thought she was great at first but she just keeps getting better and better. Now that she is more comfortable with us and her new home she is really coming out of her shell. At first she wouldn’t take treats or play with toys now she is doing both!!

Kaity+2 >Kaity (Happy Ending) We take her everywhere and she loves it. She and I are planning to run the Bare Bones 1/2 marathon this October, so we’re running and training together. She LOVES to run and completed 10 miles without missing a beat!!

Kaity+1 >Kaity (Happy Ending)

Kaity and our cat Holly have adjusted well together. As long as we keep the food dishes apart, life is good! We are so thrilled that Kaity is part of our family and are so thankful that you folks rescued her and gave us the opportunity to adopt!

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