Calvin 1 >Calvin {Border Collie}   adopted
Calvin has only been with us for a few days but his foster home describes him as the “perfect little gentleman”.  This is what else they had to say… 
Calvin 4 >Calvin {Border Collie}   adopted
Calvin is such a mellow, calm, happy Border Collie!  He is great around all people, including toddlers and babies, and loves dogs too. He is very smart, and already answers to his new name, and comes immediately when called.
Calvin 8 >Calvin {Border Collie}   adopted
He is fantastic on and off leash, trying to stay as close as possible to you while walking.  I took him for a run, too, and he was a great partner.  He is very respectful and so quiet!  He barked once at a bird, and other than that, I have not heard him make a sound!  He is very sensitive when you tell him no, or when you raise your voice (even calling our dog’s name in the coulees upset him!).
Calvin 3 >Calvin {Border Collie}   adopted

He is unfazed by new things, like lawn mowers, and vacuums. He would be very happy to sleep on the floor next to his owner, and has never tried to jump up on the bed or the couch.  His ideal home would be one where he could be his owner’s shadow – he definitely wants to be wherever people are.

Calvin 11 >Calvin {Border Collie}   adopted

Cal deserves a home with people who will love him as much as he loves them, and maybe a doggie friend that will play with him.  He just wants to make people happy, and has been waiting so long for his forever home!”

For more information on Calvin, please contact the Windy City Canine Rescue at info@windycityrescue.com or by calling 403-359-3139.

Our adoption fee allows us to provide the basics for the dogs in our care, but we are always encountering additional expenses (dental work, medicine for illnesses, etc.).  If you would like to help dogs like Calvin, but aren’t looking to adopt one at this time, please consider a donation.  Thank you.

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