We do our best to match our dogs with their forever homes, it’s not a perfect science but I like to think that we are pretty darn good at it. Unfortunately sometimes people change their minds, or things come up and it is in our contract that if you adopt a dog from us in an event like this you must return them to Windy City Rescue.
Tater+and+Cooper 4 >The Boys Are Back in Town   ADOPTED
Cooper and Tater are the sweetest dogs I have met in a long time. They have been through a few moves now and are understandably stressed by all the changes, but their foster home is working to make them the happy confident dogs that they are.
These boys would fit in with most households, they are active but not hyper, snugly but not clingy, they love people of all shapes and sizes, other dogs, and even cats. They love walks, and will sometimes play with toys. Cooper is a bit more playful, but doesn’t have the whole fetch part down yet. Their favorite activity is snuggling with their foster humans and each other.
Tater+and+Cooper 1 >The Boys Are Back in Town   ADOPTED
As with all of our dogs, we will only accept serious inquires on these boys as they have been through several changes in the last month. We also will not separate them. If I didn’t have 3 dogs already, I wouldn’t be writing this at all. These boys deserve a loving forever home and they won’t disappoint.

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