Billy is a very sweet, shy little dog who has had no interaction with humans in the first three years of his life. As you can imagine, living with people in a house has been very scary, but Billy has been so brave! He has decided to make small leaps of faith every day, and this is how far he has come in just 7 days:

Day 1: completely stiff and refused to walk, with low ears and tail tucked between legs. He looked so scared!
Billy 2 >Billy {Shetland Sheepdog/Pomeranian Cross}   Adopted

Day 2, 3, 4: Decided that people aren’t all that bad. He will roll over for a belly rub, and walk up the deck stairs to look into the kitchen. When he’s outside by himself, he will play with toys and drag blankets around the yard but will run if you try to catch him.

Billy >Billy {Shetland Sheepdog/Pomeranian Cross}   Adopted

Day 5: He actually wagged his tail when I came home from work, and will come back into the house if you leave the door open.

Billy 4 >Billy {Shetland Sheepdog/Pomeranian Cross}   Adopted

Day 6: he licked my hand and walked toward me for a treat. Day 7: Will sit on the couch and look out the window!

Billy 6 >Billy {Shetland Sheepdog/Pomeranian Cross}   Adopted

Although he still has a long way to go, Billy is a very smart, adorable little guy who has figured out that living with people in a cozy bed with regular meals, toys to play with and belly rubs is a pretty good life!

Billy 8 >Billy {Shetland Sheepdog/Pomeranian Cross}   Adopted

For more information on Billy, please contact the Windy City Canine Rescue at mailto:info@windycityrescue.comor by calling 403-359-3139.

Our adoption fee allows us to provide the basics for the dogs in our care, but we are always encountering additional expenses (dental work, medicine for illnesses, etc.). If you would like to help dogs like this one, but aren’t looking to adopt one at this time, please consider a donation. Thank you.

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