Rescue is a funny world, it always keeps me guessing. I have been involved for several years now, and I’d like to think I know a thing or two. But the thing with rescue that you learn over time is that it is never predictable, and you never really know a thing, let alone two.
As foster coordinator, the foster homes like a guesstimate as to how long their foster dogs will be in rescue. This is probably the hardest question I get. Some dogs that I think will fly through end up sticking around for longer, and some I think will be tough to adopt out we are screening several applications for???
Little Molly is one I was sure would be snatched up quickly. She’s small, house trained, good with dogs, cats and kids, loves to snuggle, walks nicely on a leash and isn’t yappy. Pretty much the perfect foster dog and those don’t come around too often. But as I type this she is curled up on my bed waiting for me to come back and snuggle. Not that a week is a long time in foster, but the lack of interest puzzles me. I can’t say I mind really, I have been very sick this last week and she has been the perfect companion. Most of my dogs fall asleep with me, but she is usually the only one left after long hours in bed. The only time she gets up is to ask to be let out, as she hasn’t mastered the dog door yet.
So the mystery continues, but I’ll enjoy her company while she’s here. It’s not often we get to foster anymore, with a sassy terrier, and a dominant male in my pack it’s hard to find fosters that don’t disrupt the balance, ok almost impossible. But if you are interested in a great little dog who in her short time here has proven her loyalty and compassion, please call and we can chat. If there wasn’t a baby on the way it just might have already been too late!
For more information on this dog, please contact the Windy City Canine Rescue at mailto:info@windycityrescue.comor by calling 403-359-3139.

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