April 1 >April Update   ADOPTION PENDING

We got an update the other day from April’s foster home:

When we got April, we weighed her, and she was about 26 lbs. She seems to be getting a little thinner, and already she has a lot more spring in her step. She has been very good once she got into an outside bathroom routine. She must have been fed a lot of table scraps, because she begs when I am cooking ALL THE TIME. All in all, she is an amazing dog, and very very sweet. Someone will definitely enjoy having her for a pet! She loves to go for car rides, and whenever you let her out, she automatically runs to the car door to see if you are taking her for a ride.

I’m sure she is not enjoying her diet, but it sounds like distracting her with car rides will make her happy.
April 5 >April Update   ADOPTION PENDING

For more information on April, please contact the Windy City Canine Rescue at info@windycityrescue.com or by calling 403-359-3139.

Our adoption fee allows us to provide the basics for the dogs in our care, but we are always encountering additional expenses (dental work, medicine for illnesses, etc.).  If you would like to help dogs like this one, but aren’t looking to adopt one at this time, please consider a donation.  Thank you.

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