>We hate to ask, but we need your help.  April, the sweet little dachshund in our care, is in need of some serious veterinary care.

April 8 >April Needs Your Help   ADOPTION PENDING

She has an ear infection (easily solved with some antibiotics), needs some dental work AND has a class 4 heart murmur.  And to add to all of that, she needs to lose some weight in order to make her heart strong enough to withstand the anesthetic she’ll need to get some teeth pulled.

We’ve been working on her weight since she has arrived and is already down 2 pounds but she still has a long way to go.  We’ve taken her off “regular” diet food and on to a food recommended by her vet in hopes that we can speed the process up even further.

April 3 >April Needs Your Help   ADOPTION PENDING

Regardless, the estimate for her upcoming veterinary needs is over $1000.

Our adoption fee is $300 and for most dogs, this covers everything they need – from their spay/neuter, to vaccinations and deworming to food and other miscellaneous supplies.  We may even have a little left over sometimes (usually when a dog is spayed or neutered before they come to us) which goes into the bank to cover extra expenses that occasionally pop up such as medicine for ear infections, treatment for minor wounds that some dogs come in with, volunteer transportation costs, etc.

We also do some fundraising throughout the year. Last year’s Bark in the Park was a lot of fun and raised money for the dogs in our care.  We also get donations from individuals and businesses throughout the year as well.  Park Pet Hospital provides not only wonderful care for all our dogs, but they also give us a generous discount.  All combined, this is generally enough to keep us financially healthy.

We only take a limited number of dogs at a time to make sure we can cover all their expenses,  but occasionally we get the odd curve ball thrown our way that we aren’t prepared for.  And this is what has happened in April’s case.

We know you are probably still feeling the pinch of Christmas bills, but even if you only have $5 to spare, April could sure use it.

April 5 >April Needs Your Help   ADOPTION PENDING

There are 3 ways you can donate:

  1. Click the Donate button at the bottom of this post to donate securely through PayPal
  2. Call (403-328-0028) or visit (142 Columbia Blvd W) Park Pet Hospital and ask to put money down on our account.
  3. Mail a cheque to: Windy City Rescue  P.O. Box 341, Coalhurst, AB  T0L 0V0
April, the volunteers with Windy City Rescue, and all of the dogs in our care, THANK YOU for considering a donation.

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