Linc 5 >Linc {Yorkshire Terrier}   ADOPTED

Linc is an adorable 9 month old Yorkshire Terrier that was surrendered by his owner as he was a little more active than she had anticipated.

Linc 10 >Linc {Yorkshire Terrier}   ADOPTED

He has never met a dog, cat or person he hasn’t liked, although not all the cats he’s met are as willing as he is to cast aside the species barrier and play!

Linc 2 >Linc {Yorkshire Terrier}   ADOPTED

And play is what this boy likes to do.  He is a very busy, very active dog in a very small package.  Don’t let his size fool you, he can keep up with the best of them.

Linc 1 >Linc {Yorkshire Terrier}   ADOPTED

Linc is housetrained, although still has the odd accident if you aren’t paying attention.  He is very much a puppy and if left to his own devices, he has been known to get into mischief.

Linc 15 >Linc {Yorkshire Terrier}   ADOPTED

Linc is looking for an active home that is prepared for his puppy antics.  Families with kids of any age, or someone who wants a dog able to keep up with an active lifestyle would be the perfect match for this little firecracker.

Linc 9 >Linc {Yorkshire Terrier}   ADOPTED

For more information on Linc, please contact the Windy City Canine Rescue at info@windycityrescue.com or by calling 403-359-3139.

Our adoption fee allows us to provide the basics for the dogs in our care, but we are always encountering additional expenses (dental work, medicine for illnesses, etc.).  If you would like to help dogs like this one, but aren’t looking to adopt one at this time, please consider a donation.  Thank you.

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