We often receive inquiries about adopting a rescue to be kept as an outdoor dog. One of our adoption policies is that we do not adopt dogs out that will be kept mainly outdoors. Now having said that there are always exceptions to every rule. If we happen to get a dog into our program that was an outside dog since a puppy and we match them with this type of home there is that possibility. There are still requirements we have in order to place the dog in that home (proper shelter from the elements, adequate food and water, ect.).
People often ask why we have this policy in place so we would like to explain our reasons.

All dogs in our program are placed into foster homes until they are adopted. The dogs then have a head start on house training, crate training and socialization with other animals and people. The foster homes put a lot of their time and effort into their foster dogs in hopes that it will make the transition to their new home easier. If a dog is adopted to an outside home then all the time and effort a family has put into this training has been a wasted effort, and the lifestyle that the dog was adjusting to is taken away. We want all of our dogs to have the opportunity of being a part of the family.

By no means are we saying that people who only have outside dogs are wrong, it is just not in our policies to adopt out to these homes. Imagine being a cute little 8 week old puppy who has lived in the cozy house with your furry brother and sisters only to be taken to your new home and left alone outside, or one of the many strays we take in that have gone from the cold to the comforts of living in a warm home with a family only to be sent back outside.

If you read our blog and respect what we do, you will understand that we put a lot of time, effort, love, and training into each and every one of the dogs that comes into our system. We take them from bad situations where maybe they would never be considered ‘one of the family’, and we make sure they will become one. All our dogs, we are proud to say, go through basic command training, house training, crate training, and leash training. They are on their way to being well mannered, welcomed members of a household.

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Our adoption fee allows us to provide the basics for the dogs in our care, but we are always encountering additional expenses (dental work, medicine for illnesses, etc.). If you would like to help dogs like this one, but aren’t looking to adopt one at this time, please consider a donation. Thank you.

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