Ally is doing just great!  Her endless joy is a true testament to the amazing spirit that lies inside this amazing little puppy.  After all she’s been through, and the pain she must feel, not once has she grumbled or complained about all the cleanings, medications, e-collars, bandages, etc.  Without fail, her foster mom is greeted every time with a wiggly dance and lots and lots of licks.  She wants nothing more than to be kissed and cuddled…she’s easy to please!

ally 12 Ally {Collie Cross}   ADOPTED

She’s still very much a puppy at heart – the vet guessed her age to be around 9 months, but we’re not so sure she’s even that old.  She is playful, curious, alert and just a little bit play-bitey.  It’s a good thing she doesn’t have any razor sharp puppy teeth left.  She is quickly learning her manners – she knows food doesn’t come her way while she’s bouncing at the table, but it does come her way when she sits politely and quietly.  We are working on the mouthing thing, but it has to be hard being such an energetic puppy on crate rest…so patience is key, along with lots and lots of bones and toys icon smile Ally {Collie Cross}   ADOPTED

ally 2 Ally {Collie Cross}   ADOPTED

She hasn’t had any real accidents in the house, but she does have some bladder control problems when her tank is extra full or she is extra excited.  The vets are hoping that improves as she continues to heal.

ally 3 2 Ally {Collie Cross}   ADOPTED

She sleeps perfectly quietly through the night, save for her cone rattling up and down the side of the kennel when she moves.  She hasn’t ever met a person she doesn’t like, same goes for dogs.

ally 7 Ally {Collie Cross}   ADOPTED

As for her injuries, the open wounds are healing quite well, but still require twice daily flushings and an ointment.  She is on antibiotics and pain medications and she still needs to be carried to go outside and up and down stairs.  She was pretty skinny when we first got her, and still is, but she’s certainly getting heavier…she gives her foster mom quite a workout! It will still be at least 6 weeks of crate rest and restricted movement, and I’m sure lots of rehab and exercises following that.  She goes in to be re-x-rayed at the end of the month, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed for this sweetie that everything is healing properly.  ally Ally {Collie Cross}   ADOPTEDWe’ll be looking for a patient and dedicated home for Ally – one committed to her ongoing care with the understanding that her injuries might result in mobility issues down the road. She promises to repay you with endless love icon smile Ally {Collie Cross}   ADOPTED

ally 10 Ally {Collie Cross}   ADOPTEDIf you are interested in adopting Ally or in finding out more about her, please send us an email ( or call us (403-359-3139)

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