Bella is a 10 year old Pomeranian.

bella 3 Bella {Pomeranian}  ADOPTED

Bella is a pretty easy dog to live with. She loves to cuddle on the couch and doesn’t make a peep when in the kennel at night or when her foster mom has to go out. When she wants pats, she just slips her nose under your hand and waits patiently for it to start moving. LOL.

bella 5 Bella {Pomeranian}  ADOPTEDBella had some dental work done prior to coming to us and is missing quite a few teeth. It doesn’t seem to slow her eating down though she does prefer softer foods.

bella 8 Bella {Pomeranian}  ADOPTEDFor an older girl, she still has quite a bit of pep left in her! She loves to go for walks and would make a great companion for strolls around Henderson Lake. She is being fostered with cats and dogs and gets along great with all of them.

bella 6 Bella {Pomeranian}  ADOPTEDWe were told she had housetraining issues but we haven’t experienced that. She doesn’t bark at the door but she spins and sniffs and when we put her outside, she goes to the bathroom. She’s a dog you either need to put outside regularly or keep your eyes open to her signals.

bella 7 Bella {Pomeranian}  ADOPTEDBella would do best in a quieter household but dog savy children would be perfectly OK with Miss B.

If you are interested in Bella please contact us for more information – or 403-359-3139

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