We don’t tend to help a lot of puppies for a couple of reasons, one of which is because they tend to find homes quick.  Frankly, we don’t understand it.  Puppies are soooo much more work than an adult dog. There are potty accidents, inappropriate chewing, crying through the night, etc., etc.  But man, are they CUTE!  And as with all rules (i.e. Windy City Rescue is here to help adult dogs in need), there are always exceptions.  Hence Eli…

eli 7 Eli {Shepherd Cross}   ADOPTEDEli is a 9 week old shepherd cross and he is everything you imagine a shepherd puppy to be.

eli 15 Eli {Shepherd Cross}   ADOPTEDHe is totally in love with people.  He wants to be with you.  And I mean BE with you.  He wants to stand between your feet, or sit on you, or climb on you. To get photos where he wasn’t touching me, I literally had to sprint across the yard and spin to try and get a photo before his little puppy legs could catch up with me.

eli 4 Eli {Shepherd Cross}   ADOPTEDHe loves to carry things around.  He’ll “help” you make the bed and with any other blanket rearranging that may be necessary.

eli 9 Eli {Shepherd Cross}   ADOPTEDDo you want to know the best thing about puppies?  (In my opinion anyway…) Nap Time.  And not just because the whirlwind has finally stopped and you can breath a sigh of relief, but because Nap Time = Snuggle Time and Eli is an expert at snuggling.  He even has cute little grunty noises to help you both drift off to sleep.

elir 5 Eli {Shepherd Cross}   ADOPTEDEli is good with other dogs and LOVES cats.  He submissively wiggles up to them and listens if they say “Go away”.

elir 2 Eli {Shepherd Cross}   ADOPTEDAs with all puppies, Eli will need to be supervised with young children, and all your valuables will need to be locked away in puppy proof containers. Don’t let his innocent face fool you! He’s gonna be a handful, but he’ll be worth it! icon smile Eli {Shepherd Cross}   ADOPTED

eli 16 Eli {Shepherd Cross}   ADOPTED

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