Journey came to us from the Calgary Humane Society. They are quite overwhelmed at the moment with pets needing new homes and Journey was slated for euthanasia if a rescue group couldn’t take her.  So we agreed to help, and man, are we glad we did.  Journey is a gorgeous girl – inside and out.

journeyr 3 Journey {German Shepherd cross}   ADOPTEDJourney is a 2 year old Shepherd cross.  She is great with dogs and cats.  We still need to see how she is with children but from what we can tell so far, she’ll probably be fine.

journey 7 Journey {German Shepherd cross}   ADOPTEDShe is very good on leash and can walk nicely on her collar once her initial excitement subsides.  She is in fabulous shape and would make a terrific jogging partner.  She also loves going for car rides and seems to know that the car = fun things.

journey Journey {German Shepherd cross}   ADOPTEDJourney knows sit, down, come, and shake a paw. She also doesn’t jump up! Which is awesome for a young excitable dog. If she is really excited to see someone she will show her belly for rubs instead.

journey 5 Journey {German Shepherd cross}   ADOPTEDOverall she is very friendly, a fast learner and in general is a very good girl.

journeyr 2 Journey {German Shepherd cross}   ADOPTEDAnd last but not least, she has the best smile ever!

journey 4 Journey {German Shepherd cross}   ADOPTED

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