Lyla and Journey Update

October 31, 2011
Here is what Lyla and Journey’s foster mom had to say recently about these two beautiful girls.
Lyla is her same lovable self.  She really enjoys playng with any other dog or cat or person that will join in her fun, but she is also content to curl up on the couch with me and snuggle.  She is such a well tempered dog, just recently my mom brought a new kitten in for a visit, the kitten had both paws wrapped around Lyla’s muzzle and was chewing on the top of her nose, and Lyla was just enjoying the attention.  She is great at the off leash park, although she does allow her nose to distract her sometimes, and has learned pretty good manners on-leash.  She knows sit and down, and is getting better with heel.  She’s very good at meeting new animals and people, her and Journey were playing within minutes of Journey’s arrival at my house.
lyla1 Lyla and Journey Update
Journey is an absolute sweet heart, and all she wants is for you to pet her.  She will sit beside you for as long as you will keep petting her and if you stop she will give you a gentle nudge to ask you to keep going.  She is great with the cats and the other dogs.  She is quite food driven so we are working on her manners at dinner time.  She is good at the off leash park and is not too bad on-leash but does pull a bit.  She is so happy all the time.  She is an incredible dog.
journey 21 Lyla and Journey Update
If you want any more information on either of these two incredible dogs, please don’t hesitate to email us at

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