Lyla Update

October 18, 2011

lyla Lyla UpdateLyla has really settled into herself in the last few months. She has mastered house manners, and is learning to control her excitement when meeting new people. She still thinks that people are the best thing ever- and has never met a stranger. Her enthusiasm is contagious and you can’t help to laugh at her antics. Lyla would make a fantastic family dog- she loves kids and is very gentle. She would be an ideal dog for a family that is active with camping, hiking, and even winter sports! She would love any of that!  With a walk a day, and a good romp in the yard she is content to just hang out with her foster family. She is easily entertained with toys, or a kong and will lay on her bed with it. Lyla would benefit from an Obedience class just to iron out the kinks, but she really is an easy dog to have around. Always happy, and always with that big smile on her face.

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