Piper Update

October 20, 2011

piper Piper UpdatePiper has been with us for more than a year now. She is five years old and is the most well trained dog we have right now. She is super obedient and listens well. She never puts a foot out of line and is just an all around good girl. We are just amazed that she is still with us!  Over the past year we’ve learned a lot about Piper. First off, she adores Children. Like, will seek them out if she happens to hear them on a walk. She is very gentle and calm around them. Often rolling over for a tummy rub. It’s about the sweetest thing ever. We’ve also learned that her reactiveness to dogs is pretty hit and miss. She will go weeks, even months with no outbursts on a walk- she is improving a lot with consistent training, and walks every day. Piper also has a fondness for cats. She is easy to live with- and has good house manners. No need to crate this girl when you aren’t home. She is content to sleep on her pillow all day and wait for her family to come home. :)  This past year we’ve had a few families interested but nothing that has ever panned out. Poor Piper, she’s beginning to think that no one will love her. Please consider adopting an adult dog- they have lots of love to give!

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