Rescue Misconceptions

October 12, 2011

It seems a fairly common misconception that rescue is somehow a group of experienced dog trainers who can transform a snarling human, dog or child aggressive pooch into a well mannered CKC certified therapy dog.  Ok maybe that’s a bit of a frustrated stretch, but to clear any misunderstandings I’d like to explain what our rescue is, but first I’ll tell what it is not.

1. It is NOT what you see on TV

2.It is NOT Ceaser Milans dog rescue

3. It isn’t even close to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

4. We do NOT have parollee’s coming to clean kennels

5. We do NOT even have kennels

So what does a typical rescue consist of?  Volunteers.  Volunteers who have “real” jobs.  Not dog training jobs, but jobs like accountants, insurance brokers, waitresses, or stay at home moms, some are university students.  None of our foster homes have professional dog training skills. The rescued dog goes into these people’s personal homes and interacts with their own family pets, and their own children.  We usually cannot take a dog aggressive owner surrender for this very reason.

There are trainers out there who specialize in aggression, or other dog related issues, but it takes a lot of time, patience and money to fix some of these issues.  Remember you love your dog and if you can’t deal with their issues, imagine how hard it would be for us to find someone who isn’t attached already to take it on.  Usually impossible.  It’s hard to find homes for dogs who are perfect, but the battle continues on……

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