Roxy is a 1 year old cocker spaniel cross.  She can be a little stand-offish when you first meet her, and she likes to greet you on her timing.  If you come with treats in your pocket though, it only takes seconds before she is giving you hugs.

roxy Roxy {Cocker Spaniel / Toy Aussie Cross}And then once she knows you have them, she stays nice and close…

roxy 6 Roxy {Cocker Spaniel / Toy Aussie Cross}Even when you try and run away, she just keeps following!

roxy 7 Roxy {Cocker Spaniel / Toy Aussie Cross}Because of that, she was very hard to photograph.  You are just going to have to meet her in person to see how cute she is!

roxy 4 Roxy {Cocker Spaniel / Toy Aussie Cross}Roxy gets along great with other dogs and loves to play.  She is good on a leash, is housetrained and is also crate trained.  She is very snuggly and would like to be in your lap whenever you are stationary.  She is also very quiet and only makes a peep if someone is right outside the window.  She is a great little traveler as well and enjoys going for car rides.roxy 8 Roxy {Cocker Spaniel / Toy Aussie Cross}

Roxy grew up in a home with 7 kids and unexpected movements make her a little nervous.  She would do best with older kids or at least dog savvy younger kids. roxy 3 Roxy {Cocker Spaniel / Toy Aussie Cross}She is a clever little girl and already knows how to “sit” and “down” as well as “stay”! Overall Roxy is a great dog who would like nothing more than to be petted and loved.  Oh yeah, and did I mention she doesn’t mind the occasional treat either?

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