SMB (Single Male Beagle) is seeking a fun loving family to call my own.

gibson 2 2 Gibson {Beagle}   ADOPTEDI’m a young (1 year old), very sweet, friendly and happy. I’m actually kind of quiet for a beagle and I love kids, other dogs, and can’t really be bothered with cats (they bore me, so I tend to ignore them).

gibson 4 Gibson {Beagle}   ADOPTEDI like to go for long walks (doesn’t have to be along the beach, but those are fun too), and I love to sniff and investigate things. I love to play and be busy, and have been known to get upset if you don’t spend enough time with me. All I’m really asking for is one good walk a day plus some play and snuggle time at home.  That isn’t too much to ask is it?

gibson Gibson {Beagle}   ADOPTEDI love fine dining (what beagle doesn’t) but really, I’m not picky.  Whatever you want to feed me, is fine with me!  I do have one tiny little flaw… I’m not fully housetrained yet, but that is something that will be easy to fix with a little bit of time and attention. I promise to try really hard to hold it, if you promise to try really hard to let me out often.

gibson 7 Gibson {Beagle}   ADOPTEDSend me an email if you’d like to meet (  We can go for a walk, play a little fetch or just hang out.  I promise, you’ll have a good time.

gibson 9 Gibson {Beagle}   ADOPTED

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