journeyr Journey Update   ADOPTEDJourney is a people dog through and through; all she wants to do is sit at your feet (as close as possible) and be petted by you.  If you stop, she will give a little nudge to ask you to continue.  She never jumps up onto the couch unless you ask her to, or if the cat is teasing her by being slightly out of reach.

She loves the cats and plays with our kitten for hours.  She will whine as the kitten ambushes her tail from under the couch as if to say “that’s not fair, I can’t reach you under there”.  She follows the kitten around the house, but never chases or is aggressive with her.

She knows all the regular commands (“come”, “sit”, “lie down”, and “shake a paw”).  Her recall is fantastic, for being a young dog who’s interested in everything; she will come instantly if you call her.  Journey has a great time at the off leash dog run; she is very good at socializing with people and other dogs (big and small).

Please send us an email ( if you are interested in finding out more about Journey!

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