November 13, 2011

You may have noticed I’ve skipped June.  Well that is because you also get to enjoy our cover photo for the entire month of June. So please join me in the unveiling of July.  Drum roll please……

july JulyThis is Firefighter/Paramedic Brendon Pyne with Macey. I’m not sure if we ever introduced all of you to Macey before.  She got adopted almost instantly by her foster home (we thought she might as they were perfect for each other) so I don’t think she even made it to the blog.

These photos were fun.  We got to use the old Pumper Truck as a backdrop.  It usually makes appearances for parades and things. You’ll be able to see more of the truck in a later month – not that any of us are looking at the trucks in these photos.  ;)

Thanks as usual to Lorelei Hoffarth for donating her photography talents to this project!

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