mollyr Moxie   {Adoption Pending}

Moxie is a sweet, young shepherd cross who loves to play. She is good with cats, dogs and LOVES people.

She can be like a bull in a china shop as she wants to play ball 24/7 and would love an active doggie or human playmate to keep her entertained.  She also loves to go on walks and enjoys swimming – even in these cold temperatures!

She is learning to come and is pretty good already. It won’t be long before she is reliable on off leash walks.

Moxie might pretend she isn’t a princess, but she likes to sleep on the bed or couch and loves to keep you company.  Moxie is never far from the action – whether that be quiet time on the couch, or a jog around the block.

molly 5 Moxie   {Adoption Pending}

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