Mr. and Miss. October

December 11, 2011

Christmas is only two weeks away!  Are you still desperately wondering what to get your friends and family that they will not only enjoy, but find useful as well?  I might be a bit biased, but I think a Rescue Me calendar would make the perfect Christmas gift. They are only $20 and 100% of the proceeds will go to the rescue.  Come on… you know they want one!  Are you worried you won’t be getting one under the tree?  Well there is nothing to say you can’t buy one for yourself just in case.  Worried you’ll end up with two?  That’s even better – you can have one at work and one at home!

And to help sweeten the pot even more, I bring you Firefighter/EMT Wes Borland and Molly as our awesome models for October.

calendar 9 Mr. and Miss. October

We don’t have too many left, so be sure not to leave your shopping to the very last minute!!

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