Purchasing Photos

December 6, 2011

We occasionally get requests from people who have adopted dogs from us if they can purchase any of the photos we took of them while they were with us.  And as of today, our answer is YES!  Wendy with Paws on the Run is going to start making these photos available for people to purchase.  You’ll be able to purchase a digital file (printable up to an 8×10) that will be emailed to you, for $10.  100% of the proceeds will be forwarded to us!

ally1 Purchasing PhotosFrom now on, the photos of our rescue dogs will be placed in a gallery that can be found here.  You’ll notice there is currently a gallery of Ally in there as it was her mom that finally spurred us into action.

ally 21 Purchasing Photos

If you adopted a dog in the past and are interested in purchasing some digital files please send an email to photos@windycityrescue.com and Wendy will create a gallery for you.  Most of the photos in the gallery will be ones you will have seen on the blog or website but there are occasionally extras that never made it that far.

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