Quietly Working

December 9, 2011

The blog has been very quiet lately… mainly because we’ve been quietly working at getting almost all our dogs adopted!  There are some very happy dogs and families out there that are going to have a great Christmas together and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Roxy was just adopted, Lyla is going to her new home in the new year, Piper is flying off to BC this weekend and that just leaves Ellie…  Ellie loves her foster family and will have a good Christmas even if she isn’t adopted, but she is anxious to meet her forever home and would like to make some very nice family, very, very happy.  Ellie has come a long way from the scarred, unhealthy dog she came to us as.  She looks and acts years younger now!

ellie Quietly WorkingIf anyone you know is looking for a great family pet, please tell them about Ellie.  She may not be the flashiest looking dog out there, but she is one of the nicest.

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