Andy – Adopted

January 1, 2012

Andy is a super cute, 14 week old male, Chihuahua/Dachshund cross. These pictures don’t do him justice!

andy 15 Andy   AdoptedI’ll admit, he wasn’t a big fan of me and my camera. I swear some times he was closing his eyes and hoping that by the time he opened them again, I’d be gone, but it was cold and windy out and we had two choices – spend time getting to know each other and turn into frozen pupsicles, OR snap a few pictures and turn into frozen pupsicles. I chose the latter option so you could all get to meet him. If he is still around in a few weeks, I’ll go back and do a proper session but I doubt this little cutie will be with us long.
andy 18 Andy   AdoptedHe is a very quiet pup and can already spend the night in a crate with very few complaints but I’d bet he would LOVE to snuggle all night if you’d let him. He loves to be cuddled.
andy 17 Andy   AdoptedOnce he gets over his timidness, he also loves to play and will chase and bring back toys. He is OK with other dogs as long as they aren’t too pushy as he can get overwhelmed. He is scared of cats but is young enough that the right cat could convince him that they really aren’t that bad.
andy 5 Andy   AdoptedAndy would do best in a quieter household. We haven’t tested him with younger children but we are guessing their random movements and sudden loud noises would make him nervous. Once he gets to know you he’ll be sassy and fun but he isn’t the kind of dog that will love lots of people coming over for a party.
andy 8 Andy   Adopted
He may be little, but his personality is huge and we know he will really shine once given the chance.

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