Andy Update – Adopted

January 13, 2012

Andy is doing great! He is almost officially house trained – he’s had no accidents for over a week. He is even starting to ask to go out if he hasn’t been let out frequently enough. What a good boy!

 Andy Update   AdoptedHe loves to play with the other dogs and chase them around the yard, yet is very cautious about making sure that no on runs over him. He hasn’t grown much taller but he has gotten longer so you can certainly tell that he has some dachshund in him.

Andy is very quiet and rarely makes a sound unless he wants out of his kennel. He loves the big circular dog bed at his foster home and mostly stays in that in the evening but comes out to do zoomies around the living room every once in a while.

 Andy Update   AdoptedHe’s still cautious about anything new or different. He never used to like going outside at all but now he goes out happily and plays for quite some time before he’s cold and wants to come in. He hates his sweater and says he is tough enough to go naked.

Andy would love someone to love him and cuddle him!

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