Ava – Adopted

January 29, 2012

Ava is a young, sweet, energetic black lab.

ava Ava   AdoptedShe is a high energy dog who loves to play and run. Like any retriever worth their salt, Ava loves to fetch and will keep playing as long as you will.

ava 2 Ava   AdoptedShe knows quite a few basic obedience commands including sit, down, stay and drop it. She is also pretty good at coming at called but can get a little bratty if she knows that the free time at the park is about to end, and the leash is about to be reattached. icon wink Ava   Adopted

ava 5 Ava   AdoptedShe is good in her crate, and doesn’t get on the furniture without permission. If you do let her on the couch, she just snuggles up next to you and settles down.

ava 8 Ava   AdoptedAva is very much a typical happy-go-lucky lab. When she is happy she wags her tail so hard she is likely to break something and has been known to clear the coffee table in one clean sweep!

ava 15 Ava   Adopted

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