Caesar is an 11 month old playful and energetic male maltese who was surrendered to us as his previous owners did not have time for him. He is still a typical puppy and likes to play with toys, chew on bones, go for walks and relax on the couch.

caeser Caeser {Maltese}   AdoptedHe is working hard on housetraining and leash manners and will be a pro in no time! He is great with dogs of all sizes – his foster sister is a Mastiff and they play for hours. He is awesome with little kids and is currently being fostered in a home with a 7 and 1 year old. He would love nothing more than the chance to crawl into the one year old’s crib every morning for an early morning snuggle. He is a little shy when he first meets people but quickly warms up after some fun and cookies. He will chase cats but only because he wants to play with them, not because he wants to hurt them.

caeser 4 Caeser {Maltese}   AdoptedHe also likes to play with toys and will even fetch (if you consider fetch to be running to get the toy, playing with it and dropping it about 10 times on his way back and eventually abandoning it in the field when his little puppy brain gets sidetracked by something else).

caeser 8 Caeser {Maltese}   Adopted

Caesars ideal home would be one that is willing to continue work on socializing him with new people, have another dog for him to play with and let him snuggle on the bed at night.

caeser 6 Caeser {Maltese}   Adopted

If Caesar sounds like Mr Right to you, contact us and we’ll set you up on a date!

caeser 9 Caeser {Maltese}   Adopted

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