Hank {Hound/Lab cross}

January 24, 2012

Hank is a 5 year old hound cross and was originally surrendered to the Calgary Humane Society because his owners were moving and couldn’t take him to their new place.  He used to live with kids and cats (and he is currently being fostered with a young child) and is good with both of them.  He was a little anxious in the shelter environment which is why he came to us.

hank Hank {Hound/Lab cross}Hank is a super friendly guy and is much like a lab in temperament.  He used to go to the dog park regularly and he loves to fetch, run, cuddle and get his ears rubbed.

hank 7 Hank {Hound/Lab cross}He is a bit over weight so he is going on a diet and is going to be getting lots of exercise (we don’t think he’ll mind the exercise part.)

hank 2 Hank {Hound/Lab cross}Have we mentioned he loves to play and really loves to run? To be honest, he is a bit of a wild man – but in a good way.  When you bring him to a field he spends the first 10 minutes just racing around enjoying the feeling of an open space. Once he has had the chance to stretch his legs he is ready to settle down to a game of tug or fetch.

hank 12 Hank {Hound/Lab cross}Hank can’t help but spread his happiness to everyone he meets.  If you’d like a little more joy in your life and think Hank is the guy for you, please contact us.  Hank is ready when you are!

hank 10 Hank {Hound/Lab cross}

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