Koji – Adopted

January 28, 2012

Koji is a 4 year old Boston Terrier/Pug cross.

koji 7 Koji   AdoptedKoji is a good, easy dog to have around. He is very well trained and knows lots of tricks and is quite obedient. He is crate trained and is used to sleeping in a crate as well as being in one when no one is home.
koji 3 Koji   AdoptedKoji likes other dogs and has been having a blast with his foster brother. He is also good with kids. He can be a little shy and will probably bark at you when you first meet him but a few cookies and a quick game of fetch will prove to him you aren’t as scary as he first thought.
koji 2 Koji   AdoptedKoji is a really fun dog that loves to play but he also loves to snuggle. He is pretty happy to do whatever you want to do.
koji 6 Koji   Adopted
If you’d like to meet Koji, drop us a line! We know he wants to meet you.

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