Pheobe is a pretty typical lab – happy, playful, unflappable, and easy going. She is not overly hyper, and settles down pretty quickly. She is housetrained, learning about crate training, and has decent house manners. She is not much larger than an average lab. We think she is crossed with a mastiff because she has brindle patches on her.

pheobe l 3 Pheobe {Lab/Mastiff cross}   AdoptedPheobe loves kids and is very gentle with them. She would make a great family dog. She is also good with other dogs. She is a little unsure about how to play with other pups but that will come. She is quite interested in cats but when her foster home’s cat gave her a good swat, she backed off right away.

pheobe l 6 Pheobe {Lab/Mastiff cross}   Adopted

She definitely needs some Obedience classes, but with a little training Pheobe would be a wonderful dog to be around. She doesn’t have very good leash manners yet but we are working on it. She does know how to sit and shake a paw.

pheobe l 7 Pheobe {Lab/Mastiff cross}   Adopted

Did we mention she can be a bit of a mooch? The good news is, she’ll do almost anything for a cookie.

pheobe t 2 Pheobe {Lab/Mastiff cross}   Adopted

Pheobe came from the Brooks shelter where she was picked up as a stray and never claimed.

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