Here is an update from Pheobe’s foster home! As you can see, she is doing awesome!

Just wanted to fill you all in on Phoebe. She has been with me over 3 weeks now and she has been an amazing foster! She is very easy going, she is more than happy to sit at your feet and chew on a toy while you watch tv. Her favorite things include going for long walks in the coulees (on a 16ft leash), bum scratches, and meeting new people. Phoebe does amazing with my friends’ 4 year old daughter. Phoebe is more than willing to just sit and shower her with kisses and will play fetch for hours! If she is with people, she is content icon smile Pheobe Update   Adopted

pheobe l 2 Pheobe Update   AdoptedWe have been working on Phoebe’s leash manners, and she does really well with the easy walk harness. With a few corrections she will walk right by my side.

pheobe l 5 Pheobe Update   Adopted

Phoebe does really well in the crate. She doesn’t make a peep through the night, and my neighbours tell me that she doens’t make a peep when I’m gone throughout the day. She does amazing with every dog she meets. My parents’ 11 year old bichon and her get along great. Phoebe doesn’t jump or bother her (she just steals her toys!!), and she gets along with my neighbours 1 year old Mastiff.

pheobe t1 Pheobe Update   Adopted

Phoebe is literally the perfect dog in my eyes. She is so dedicated to her owner, and just wants to please you. She doesn’t get into things while I’m in the shower, she just waits outside the door like a good girl. She will make a perfect family dog.

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