Taco is settling in quite well and is learning that a Canadian winter isn’t that bad… We haven’t broken the news to her yet that it is going to get worse, much worse. We have a feeling, she’ll take it in stride though.

taco 8 Taco Tuesday!   Adopted

Taco has been having a blast at her foster home – going for off leash walks, wrestling with the other dogs and just chilling on the couch.

taco 10 Taco Tuesday!   Adopted

She is crate trained and stays quietly in a crate (and out of mischief) during the day. She is also housetrained and has no problem during the day while her foster mom is at work or all night when she is snuggled up in the bed.

taco 12 Taco Tuesday!   Adopted

Taco may be small but this girl likes to party. She loves to run and will race around trying to get the other dogs to chase her. She would also make a pretty good guard dog as she likes to bark at things going by the house. She is learning a “that’s enough” command, but she does seem to like the sound of her own voice. icon smile Taco Tuesday!   Adopted

taco 11 Taco Tuesday!   Adopted

As always, if you’d like to meet this little girl and possibly give her place to spend the rest of her days, drop us a line!

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