Andy Update – Adopted

February 12, 2012
While still shy and timid, Andy is starting to come out of his shell.
andy part 2 5 Andy Update   Adopted
He took cookies from me within minutes of my arrival and was relaxed enough to play in the yard with his foster siblings while I was there. It was a huge change from the last time we met when he glared at me from across the yard and counted down the minutes until I left. icon wink Andy Update   Adopted
andy part 2 9 Andy Update   Adopted
His foster family says he likes to chew and is very good about sticking to appropriate items. He has tested a few power cords but is easily redirected. icon wink Andy Update   Adopted

andy part 2 2 Andy Update   Adopted

He also LOVES cats and LOVES playing with them.

andy part 2 8 Andy Update   Adopted

He is house trained, but you still have to make sure to let him outside frequently because he doesn’t know to tell you yet that he has to go.
andy part 2 3 Andy Update   AdoptedHe definitely prefers the company of small dogs and can get a little fearful if big dogs get in his space before he is ready. He is still pretty skittish with sudden movements, sudden noises and if you reach to pick him up unexpectedly. He would NOT be good with children because of this. For whatever reason, he is also quite fearful of men. He isn’t even fully comfortable with his foster dad yet and he is fearful of every man he meets.
andy part 2 Andy Update   AdoptedAndy needs a family who is extremely patient, understanding and will give him the time to grow into the sweet little dog that he can be. Despite his shyness and fear, he has no trouble tugging at the heartstrings of everyone he meets.
andy part 2 4 Andy Update   Adopted
Oh and just one more heads up… If you don’t keep an eye on your treats, he may just try and sneak off with the bag. icon smile Andy Update   Adopted

andy part 2 6 Andy Update   Adopted

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