lucy 171 Lucy {Shih tzu cross}   ADOPTEDLucy is a very sweet 7 year old shih tzu that was seized for neglect and taken to the Calgary Humane Society.  She was so matted that you couldn’t even see her eyes and her nails had grown over the pads of her feet.  At the shelter, she wasn’t coping well, so they asked us to take her into a foster home.  Now in Lethbridge, freshly groomed and in a quiet home environment, we have discovered what an adorable, sweet dog she really is! She loves squeaky toys, and loves to follow humans around the house.  If you invite her into your lap, she cuddles right up, and looks up adoringly into your eyes.  It’s the cutest thing!

lucy 151 Lucy {Shih tzu cross}   ADOPTEDShe doesn’t bark, whine or beg for food, and will only jump up on furniture if you invite her.  She sleeps beside the bed all through the night without a peep, although she would love to be on the bed if you allowed it.  She can’t jump quite that high though, so you’d have to help her up!  She doesn’t require a crate, but will go in if there is a treat involved, and doesn’t make a peep until you let her out.

lucy 62 Lucy {Shih tzu cross}   ADOPTEDShe is completely housetrained, but doesn’t ask to go out – she probably had no one that would listen to her!  You just have to let her out a few times a day, and she’ll hold it until you do.

lucy 52 Lucy {Shih tzu cross}   ADOPTEDLucy doesn’t require much exercise, so a short walk a day would be perfect for her.  She’s been to the dog park, and is great off leash.  She’s the type of dog that will follow you to get the mail or take out the garbage, but wouldn’t dare venture off alone.  The leash is a new thing for her, but she has no interest in running ahead, so she’s easy to walk on leash.

lucy 41 Lucy {Shih tzu cross}   ADOPTEDAlthough she is near perfect, her past shines through in her fear of men.  She is extremely friendly and affectionate around women, but prefers to avoid men if at all possible.  In fact, she may nip if they approach too quickly.  She doesn’t mean to hurt them, she just wants to keep them away.  We think that she will warm up to men eventually, but it will take time and patience.  We also think she would be best in a no-kids home, as she seems to do best in a quiet, laid back home.

lucy 101 Lucy {Shih tzu cross}   ADOPTEDOverall, Lucy is pretty darn adorable and has a cute, spunky personality.  We are excited for her to begin this new chapter in her life – a loving home and lots of attention!  She’s been waiting for this for a long time!

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