March 26, 2012

Daisy is a gorgeous 1 year old retriever.  We’ve had Daisy since the fall, but we’ve been holding on to her until we knew for sure there was nothing wrong with her hips.  We waited  until we spayed her (she went into heat just as we scheduled her appointment) to do x-rays so we wouldn’t have to give her anesthetic twice.  The good news is, her hips are perfect, the slight limp we saw was only due to a soft tissue injury which is now all healed up!  Daisy is ready to find a new home at last.

daisy 15 Daisy   ADOPTED

She is everything you can imagine that a golden is – playful, friendly and active.

daisy 8 Daisy   ADOPTED

She is also still a puppy.  She likes to chew and will get into mischief if left unattended and when she doesn’t get enough exercise.  The good news is she is crate trained so when you need to go to work, she will happily hang out in her crate and you won’t need to worry that she is getting into trouble.

daisy 9 Daisy   ADOPTED

Daisy is quite obedient and eager to learn.  She is very good at watching and waiting for her foster parents to tell her what they want her to do next.  She also has good food and toy drive and will be a very fun dog to take to obedience classes.

daisy 12 Daisy   ADOPTED

If you are interested in this pretty little girl, be sure to drop us a line!

daisy 3 Daisy   ADOPTED

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