Hazel is a 2 year old Rough Collie.

hazel 7 Hazel {Rough Collie}   ADOPTEDShe is very sweet, very friendly and very playful. Hazel would probably do best in an active or with a playful dog brother or sister as she is often on the go. She is young and healthy and requires quite a bit of exercise still. She would be a great dog at the off leash park once she has a solid “come” command.

hazel Hazel {Rough Collie}   ADOPTEDHazel seems to be a daddy’s girl, but pretty much loves everyone and won’t turn down any pats or snuggles!

hazel 3 Hazel {Rough Collie}   ADOPTEDHazel is great with kids and is good with cats – she is just completely ignoring her foster family’s cat. She loves treats and already knows basic commands like sit, down and shake a paw.

hazel 6 Hazel {Rough Collie}   ADOPTED

Hazel would do great with a family, provided they were consistent with her walks as well as any active couple or person.  I’m sure she would love to go camping, hiking, biking or any of those other fun outdoor activities.

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