Lucky is a 10 year old lab cross.  Her family moved (away from North America) and despite their best efforts, couldn’t afford to bring her with them.  She was pretty sad for the first few days, but she has definitely started to love life again.

lucky 3 2 Lucky {Lab Cross}   AdoptedLucky is a very sweet dog, and is super easy going.  She greets you with lots of kisses each and every time you come home.  If you give her a toy or bone, she runs and grabs it but come right back over for more pets.
lucky 4 Lucky {Lab Cross}   AdoptedLucky is a very friendly girl but has very good manners.  She doesn’t jump up (for the most part!) and she barely ever barks.  Although she will bark at you if you are holding the toy and she isn’t done playing yet!  LOL
lucky 12 Lucky {Lab Cross}   AdoptedAs you’ve probably noticed, she is a little overweight and is already been put on a diet.  We’s slowly been increasing her exercise as well and as soon as those extra pounds come off she’ll be a pretty healthy girl.
lucky 3 Lucky {Lab Cross}   AdoptedHer original owners took great care of her but they also spoiled her with too many treats and table scraps, so she needs a bit of training when it comes to not begging and eating food that is left out when you are not around.
lucky 4 3 Lucky {Lab Cross}   AdoptedLucky just wants to be loved and would like nothing more than to hang around with you all day long. She does well with other dogs, and even shares toys.  She is also fine with cats.
lucky 9 Lucky {Lab Cross}   AdoptedShe is totally house trained and she is a perfect sleeper- no snoring, no noises, and will sleep on the floor or in bed with you, whichever you’d prefer.  You can guess what she’d prefer!
lucky 6 3 Lucky {Lab Cross}   AdoptedLucky may be getting on in years but she still has a tonne of spunk and spirit.  She is sweet and playful and would make a fabulous family dog.

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