Lucy has been with us for about 3 weeks now, and she has made great strides in her confidence!  She is trying so hard to trust men, and gets a little closer everyday!  She still loves toys, and will carry her favorite toy around everywhere – we think it’s like her security blanket.  She even sleeps with it!  She loves to play with it, too, and brings it to you to throw for her.  She acts a bit like a puppy with her toys, batting them around and pouncing on them.

lucy 14 Lucy Update   ADOPTED

Over this last weekend, her foster family hosted a baby shower, so there was a whole house full of people, and Lucy took it all in stride.  She only barked as the first person came in, and then greeted everyone cautiously, but with confidence (it helped that they were all women!)  She even sat patiently beside some of them for treats.   Her foster family had a toddler staying with them on the weekend, too, and it turns out that Lucy loves children!  She followed him around the house and tried to get him to play with her.  And, get ready for this…one night she snuggled in with him when he was going to sleep, put her head on his lap and licked his hand!  It was pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  So, we think she would be fine in a house with a dog-saavy child!

 Lucy Update   ADOPTED

She still loves walks, and is great on and off leash.  She gets the zoomies sometimes, which is pretty funny, because her legs are so short, so she doesn’t run very fast.  She doesn’t like to be alone, but her foster sister is teaching her how to relax, and even showed her where the sun spots are in the house.

She is a brave little dog, with a lot of spunk.  She’s patiently waiting for a forever home.

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