Nilo Update

March 15, 2012

All Nilo ever wants is to be with you. He doesn’t seem to like to be left in a room alone so he follows his foster mom everywhere.  If you’re looking for a best friend that will want to do everything with you then Nilo just may be  the dog for you!

img 3157 Nilo UpdateIf you’ve ever read anything about Dalmations, you’ll know that they are high energy dogs with incredible stamina.  Nilo is certainly living up to that!  On the weekend he went for 5-8km walks for three days in a row and at the end of the walks he is still ready to go!

img 3234 Nilo UpdateNilo has been going to the dog park as well. He greets every dog and person he sees with enthusiasm.  He is very polite with new dogs and he doesn’t jump on strangers to greet them.  His listening skills while off leash still need some back but he always eventually comes back. icon smile Nilo Update He loves his foster brother and sticks by his side when out and about so in a pinch you can always call his brother and Nilo will also come running.

His foster family is working hard on his on leash skills as well.  They’ve been training him to walk with a Halti.  With a little work he will make an excellent running or walking partner. We think he would also excel at a dog sport like agility or flyball.  He’s a smart guy and seems to want to please.

img 3190 Nilo UpdateIn the house he is very well behaved.  He sits nice while you get his food and is very polite when taking treats.  As we mentioned above, he loves his foster brother and the two of them will spend hours playing together.  He is a very good playmate as he doesn’t bully and he takes turns with toys.

When it’s time to relax Nilo is happy to spend time lying on the couch watching tv.  He is a couch potato and is convinced that he is a lap dog! His foster home has spoiled him, and he is now accustomed to sleeping in bed.  He’s an excellent sleeper, he doesn’t get up during the night and he doesn’t snore.  The only downside to having Nilo in the bed is when you are waking up in the morning – Once he can tell you are waking up he licks your face like crazy until you get out of bed!  It’s not a bad way to be woken up if you love dogs!

img 3274 Nilo UpdateHe is a very good house guest and will make an awesome pet for someone once he is in his forever home.

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