March 4, 2012

Sunny is a beautiful, young, great pyrenees cross.  She was transferred to us from another shelter because she wasn’t coping well with being kenneled and really needed to be in a home environment to blossom. And blossom she has! Every day Sunny has more spark, and more happiness shining through.

sonny Sunny   ADOPTED

Sunny loves people and is extremely gentle and loves to be petted!

sonny 3 Sunny   ADOPTED

She literally never barks and is completely house trained. For such a big girl you barely even notice her in the house!

sonny 2 Sunny   ADOPTED

She is just learning to play, although toys are still a complete mystery to her.  When you get her all sassed up though, she does crazy zoomies around the yard.

sonny 7 Sunny   ADOPTED

She is frightened of other dogs (even very small dogs) and is sweet as can be with people.  She comes up right away for some love and snuggles.

sonny 8 Sunny   ADOPTED

We don’t have a lot of history on her, but she does startle pretty easily and will sometimes flinch if you approach her too quickly. With a little time, and love we think that she will get over that pretty quickly.

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