March 27, 2012

Here are some updates from our foster homes:


We love Sunny and she has basically become part of our family. She doesn’t require a lot of exercise but she seems to get a bit restless so we’ll take her out a few times a day.  After each walk she settles down nicely.  She if learning that toys are fun and it is great to see her coming out of her shell. She is housetrained which is wonderful but her basic leash training could use some work. She is unsure of other dogs and would not be good with cats as she does try to chase them.  Her favourite actively is snuggling and getting pets.

sonny 61 Updates


Hunter is a dog with lots of energy. He is always happy but does need some work on his manners as he really likes to great people by jumping up.  We are working on this, but it is definitely a work in progress!  Hunter is great in the house – he doesn’t beg for food, he happily goes into his crate and loves to play.  He’s truly an awesome dog!
hunter 2 Updates
Hazel is doing great. She’s curious about the cats but they run when she tries anything. Her and her foster brother get along really well.  They are constantly cuddling and kissing.  :) Hazel loves to snuggle – she will lay across your lap when you are watching tv and will sleep on the bed across your feet or even curled up right on top of you if you let her!
hazel 4 Updates

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