We discovered the hard way that Sunny gets car sick.  So if you are a truck driver looking for a travel mate, she may not be the best choice for you!  :) But in all other aspects, she has been doing great.  She’s been getting lots of attention and she is a very quick learner.  We have yet to hear her bark (which sounds like heaven to someone like me whose dogs never seem to stop barking). Despite her size, she loves to sleep on beds and couches and we’re pretty sure she thinks she’s a lap dog because she is always trying to climb up and sit on top of people. As you can imagine, it is quite the sight.  One day we’ll have to get a picture of that.

sonny 7 Sunny and Lucky Updates  ADOPTED

Lucky has lost quite a bit of weight already and she is looking great – her coat is so shiny and healthy looking.  She almost looks like a different dog!  She is healthy and active and running around acting like a puppy again (fetching a ball is her favorite!).  You would never know that she is ten years old!   She continues to be very low maintenance, and has adjusted well – she has never had an accident in the house and tells you when she needs to go out with a bark by the door. She is great with kids,  gets along with other dogs very well, and doesn’t seem to care much about cats. She is extremely quick at learning new manners and rules of the house. You can definitely teach an old dog new tricks!  For example, she has learnt to sit and wait to be fed with a release word, she has learnt to walk nicely alongside without pulling, and she respectfully obeys commands like “sit and stay” or “out of the kitchen”.  She is super affectionate and LOVES to snuggle.  With obedience and lots of love, she is the perfect dog. We don’t think she had ANY rules in her last home (or exercise) so she is now thriving!  She loves to walk, run and play so the more attention and activity she gets in a day the better. She has so much love to give, she really is the perfect companion dog.

lucky 11 Sunny and Lucky Updates  ADOPTED


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