bruno 21 Bruno {Boxer Cross}   AdoptedSometimes life takes a turn that we never planned for. That unfortunately is what happened to Bruno’s dad and he’s been forced to make a very difficult decision… He needs to find Bruno a new home.

bruno 11 Bruno {Boxer Cross}   AdoptedBruno has been loved and spoiled his whole life.  You may have met him at the dog park where he goes almost daily, or your dog may have met him at daycare. He is a 1.5 year old boxer/lab cross.  He is well trained, fun, loving and charismatic.  You can’t help but be charmed by him.

bruno 41 Bruno {Boxer Cross}   AdoptedBruno loves to go biking, hiking, and rollerblading but he also loves to be lazy around the house.  He never gets into mischief when left alone and he loves to snuggle.  He is very friendly and gets along with everyone including other dogs, cats and kids.

bruno 81 Bruno {Boxer Cross}   AdoptedBruno is well trained and is quite clever.  He is never rude and pushy and knows that politeness is the way to get attention or treats.

bruno 31 Bruno {Boxer Cross}   AdoptedBruno is one of those dogs that only comes around “once in a lifetime”.  He has no temperament issues, no health issues and is sweet and loving. No dog is perfect, but Bruno is as close as you are ever going to get.  He will make you laugh every day and cheer you up when you are sad with his funny antics. And you can’t help but love his tongue. We swear it is too long for his mouth and it is always doing funny things.
bruno 51 Bruno {Boxer Cross}   Adopted

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