Hunter’s 1st Birthday is next week, and he is working really hard to charm everyone he meets to get adopted! He absolutely LOVES playing with other dogs. He is going to try out daycare today – we have no doubts he’ll be the life of the party.

Hunter is definitely a tv addict. So the adoptive family MUST have a tv, preferably a big one because hunter loves his tv, especially the dog whisperer. :)

He also loves going to the river. He will spend hours trying to “fetch” rocks.

Is Hunter the dog for you?  Let’s see if he fits your lifestyle:
Dog friendly: check
Cat friendly: check
People friendly: check
Goofy and lovable: check
Crate trained: check
House trained: check
Knows tricks: check
Walks excellent on the leash (with halti): check
Will lounge around with you watching tv: check

Come on…. You know you want him!

PS – More pictures of him coming soon!

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