Quick Stats:

  • 1 year old
  • Rottweiler/Mastiff Cross
  • Approx. 65lbs of solid muscle
  • Active, Playful, Happy Girl
  • Super Well Behaved
  • Loves Everyone and Everything- two legged, and four legged

 Lexi {Rottweiler/Mastiff Cross}

What to say about Lexi except that she’s awesome??!!! She is looking for a new home through no fault of her own. Her owners were unable to care for her anymore. She has no past history of abuse or neglect and has been loved and well taken care of for her whole life. At only a year old she has a long happy life ahead of her- she’s a joyous dog who’s zest for life is contagious.

 Lexi {Rottweiler/Mastiff Cross}

Lexi is well socialized and loves to play. With other dogs, and with people. She has been to the dog park and dog daycare and has great social skills. She is gentle with small dogs (although can be a bit pushy if they don’t want to play!) and is ready for rough and tumble with dogs her own size. She respects cats, and is only mildly curious about them.

This active gal would do best with a family who has the activity level to match hers.  She loves long walks in the coulees, and would be a great camping/hiking buddy! She’s not always super active- after a nice walk, or play in the yard she is content to cuddle on the couch or lay on her dog bed.  She loves her people and is very affectionate and sweet. She’s an easy keeper in the house and has great manners.

 Lexi {Rottweiler/Mastiff Cross}

We expect Lexi to be adopted in no time! She is pretty near perfect after all!!!


**our photographer is on holidays, so please excuse my snapshots :)*

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