August 29, 2012

boo 13 Boo   ADOPTEDBoo is a cute and sassy 10 month old male, chihuahua cross.  If you like small dogs with a little bit of spunk to them, Boo is your man.

boo 3 Boo   ADOPTEDBoo is an amazing little guy. He is active, attentive and loves to snuggle. He loves to play. He plays well with children and small dogs but he does takes a while to warm up to bigger dogs.

boo 2 Boo   ADOPTEDHe can be shy to start, especially with men, but he warms up fairly quickly. He loves belly rubs, ear rubs, and is extremely happy when you come home! He does have some separation anxiety and will whine when penned or left alone but he already seems to be adjusting to the changes in his life and is getting better.

boo 5 Boo   ADOPTEDHe can be a sneaky guy and can squeeze through the tiniest cracks with ease, so your fence will need to be very secure.

boo 4 Boo   ADOPTEDBoo is overall a gentle, kind soul who loves to play.

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